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If You Don’t Want Traditional Metal Braces, What Are the Other Options?

If you are feeling slightly leery about getting traditional braces, you are not alone. Many people have some reservations because of the anticipated discomfort and perhaps the attention that the metal brackets will bring from others. Discretion and convenience are some valid concerns. Fortunately, you do have some other options for braces if traditional brackets […]

How to Overcome Your Fear of Having Braces

Having braces is incredibly common as millions of adults and teens go for braces every single year. One of the main issues that patients have is a fear of getting braces altogether because they probably don’t understand the process or assumed that dental appliances are going to hurt. No matter what type of dental appliances you’re getting, the key is to overcome […]

My Bottom and Top Teeth Are Not Aligned, Can Braces Help Align My Jaws? 

If you are unhappy with your smile, you are not alone. Fully 80 percent of teens and an estimated 25 percent of adults are currently seeking the help of orthodontic professionals to achieve a straighter, whiter smile. Most parents are now advised to schedule their child’s first orthodontic visit as early as age seven, especially […]

What Are the Signs that Braces May Be Needed?

Orthodontic problems, if not early addressed can pose a great danger to a person’s oral health. It comes highly recommended that one does regular check-ups to determine whether there are any impending problems, especially in children. If through consultations with your doctor, you realize that you or your child are experiencing signs that braces are […]