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Be Careful with those Tongue Piercings

Tongue piercings linked to gap between teeth

Tongue piercing is a very popular trend among teens and young adults. Although the seemingly harmless trend is fashionable, there can be lasting consequences for the teeth. A recent study issued by the New York University of Buffalo shows that tongue piercings can be particularly dangerous for one’s teeth.

A closer look at the tongue ring:

In a recent case study, a woman who had a tongue ring for seven years ended up developing a considerable gap in her front teeth. Before getting the tongue ring, she never had a gap in her teeth. After getting, the gap slowly began to develop. Within seven years of wearing a tongue ring, she developed a very prominent gap in her teeth. Playing with the tongue ring and pushing it back and forth between the two front teeth caused this. The constant force eventually led to a gap forming between the front two teeth. Scenarios like these can cause a person to have to get braces.

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