Years ago, when people heard that they were getting braces, only one option exists. Mouths full of wire and brackets adorned plenty of 1990s classrooms. However, the times have changed, and so have the methods for tackling problems with the teeth. Incognito is one of the methods offered that helps people to keep up with their lifestyles and to retain their confidence.

What is Incognito?

This system of braces still uses brackets; however, the brackets go on the back of the teeth. As a result, other people cannot see them. This plan is the perfect fit for people who want fixed braces, but who do not want brackets on the front of their teeth. The choice is both an aesthetic and comfortable one.

Who Can Wear the Braces?

Incognito braces

Only an orthodontist can provide an exact determination, which is why visiting one is so important when you are interested in Incognito. However, the people who wear them span across the ages. Generally, though, patients need to be at least 13 years of age to qualify for these behind-the-teeth braces. On top of that, people need to qualify for the braces. In most cases, individuals who can wear traditional braces are also candidates for these ones.

The Technology Behind Them

In order to craft these braces, the orthodontic team will make a mold of your teeth. Then, through computerized technology, each bracket is custom-made to fit on each tooth, ensuring that you have a perfect and personalized fit, which leads to the best smile possible.

Their Unique Appeal


These types of braces are unique in a sense. They are the only customized braces that are also both invisible and fixed. Other plans may offer you one or two of these qualities, but behind-the-teeth braces are the only type that combine all three of these desirable elements.

The Aesthetic Benefit

Many people worry about wearing braces because they just don't like how those metal wires and brackets look on their teeth. That concern is even greater when an important event, such as a communion or a wedding, is on the horizon. Since no one else can see that the braces are there, you do not have to worry about that issue.

Continuing Your Life

Another problem that arises when people wear braces is that they are asked to halt certain activities in their life. For example, let's say that you play lacrosse, football, ice hockey or some other type of contact sport. Braces on the front of your teeth can prove dangerous for yourself or for other people. You may need to wear some sort of gear to cover them up, or you may have to stop playing the sport for a protracted period of time. When the braces are behind your teeth, this issue does not exist.

Behind-the-teeth braces provide you with a freedom that other styles do not. To find out if you or your kids qualify for this program, give Beecroft Orthodontics a call today on: 540-898-2200 to schedule an appointment.