Changing Orthodontists during Active Treatment


Dr. Matt Beecroft


Is it Possible for a Patient to Change Orthodontists?

You may not think about it before you get braces, but it may become a question you need to address. What if you need to change orthodontists?


Why do you need to change orthodontists?

The number one reason people change orthodontists is they are moving. We live in an area where there’s a fairly large military community, and a lot of people move in and out. Sometimes these moves are unexpected and the kids or adults are in the middle of orthodontic treatment. Or, they’ll come from one office in another part of the country to a different one. So, “yes,” it is possible to change orthodontists.

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Braces Treatment: Retainers Phase


How Long Should Someone Wear a Retainer after Braces are Removed?

It’s the first question a patient asks after their braces come off, we’ve celebrated the momentous occasion, and handed him a retainer: How long do I have to wear my retainer?

It’s a good and valid question.

I’ll highlight the type of retainer used most often, why retainers are so important and how long you need to wear them.

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Overbite: Causes & Treatments



What are the most common causes of and solutions for overbites?

Having an overbite is a common problem in the North American culture. In other populations, people are more prone to having underbites where their jaws stick out relative to their upper jaws.

In the United States, the majority of people with bite issues have overbites, meaning the top teeth stick out relative to the bottom teeth. Let’s look at the causes, how to treat overbites and the best time for treatment.

Causes of overbites:

1. Genetics: The genes you got from mom, dad, grandma and grandpa are the No. 1 cause. There are two reasons: 1) Your upper jaw is too developed relative to your lower jaw, sticking out too far. This is uncommon. 2) Your lower jaw is underdeveloped, which is most common.

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Beecroft Orthodontics

Smiling is a Lovely Gesture

Beecroft Orthodontics

Smile Quote No. 40: “A Smile Is Like Tight Underwear: It Makes Your Cheeks Go Up” – Author Unknown

Whether you are the mom who loves to take plenty of photos or simply seeing your kids happy enough to warm your heart, you want to ensure that their smiles are healthy and happy all the days of their life. Working with an orthodontist to understand the benefits of Invisalign allows you to accomplish this goal.

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The World Doesn’t have to Know your Problems

Beecroft Orthodontics

Smile Quote No. 39: “Be like a Duck, Paddling and Working very Hard inside the Water, but what Everyone sees is a Smiling and Calm Face.”  ― Manoj Arora

First impressions and physical appearances are undoubtedly important. Be sure that you are feeling confident and presenting your best self. Don’t allow crooked teeth to interfere with your personal or social life. Orthodontists are specially trained to give you the smile that you have always dreamed of. Read on for some tips and suggestions about popular teeth alignment products.

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Baby Teeth Guide

Why Aren’t My Child’s Baby Teeth Falling Out?

As a parent, it is normal to worry when you see that your child is developing more slowly than other children. One of the most common concerns is when there is a delay in getting their teeth and losing their teeth. However, most of the time, there is no need to worry. Understanding that each body develops differently can help alleviate the worry. In rare cases, the attention of an orthodontist is needed.

When Should Your Child See an Orthodontist

Parents often wonder if it is too early to take their 5 or 6-year-old child for an orthodontic evaluation. Orthodontists would recommend that you take your child whenever you have a concern, no matter how young your child is. This is because an orthodontist can spot development issues early, and he or she can intervene and prescribe the best treatment for your child’s jaw to develop properly and teeth to come in as normal and possible.

Problems With Baby Teeth

Baby teeth serve more than one purpose. Besides chewing, they also reserve space for the permanent teeth, and the permanent teeth are able to fully develop before they erupt. This is why when a baby tooth comes out very early, it is also a concern as space can be lost. This gives the permanent tooth no choice but to come out in a crocked way. In such cases, your orthodontist may recommend that a space maintainer be put where the missing tooth is until the permanent tooth is ready to come out.

When a baby tooth comes out too late, it can also cause the permanent tooth to come out crooked. When a permanent tooth is ready to come out, it will push its way up no matter what. Therefore, if a baby tooth is still there, the new tooth will come up next to it. If this is left untreated, it will not only give your child funny looking teeth, but it can cause other more serious problems as the child grows.

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Smile Quote, Beecroft Orthodontics

Connection of Science and Love

Smile Quote, Beecroft Orthodontics

Smile Quote No. 38:“Science teaches to think but love teaches to smile.”– Santosh Kalwar

When children won’t smile or laugh because someone will make fun of their teeth, it breaks parents’ hearts. Science exists to make life better and healthier. Unqualified love brought science into existence to begin with. Orthodontists are schooled in how the placement of the jaw and teeth affect the face and head. Orthodontists know science, but they know about love, too. They want the chance to exercise both for the benefit of the child who wants to smile.

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A Stitch in Time…

Limitations of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early orthodontic evaluation is the foundation to a lifetime of oral health. Pediatric patients seeking orthodontic treatment in have access to wide range of diagnostic practitioner services.

Why Early Orthodontic Intervention

Most orthodontic specialists acknowledge that patients who receive early orthodontic examination, are less likely to sustain oral health issues later. The aesthetic benefits of early orthodontic treatment are undeniable. Interceptive treatments are is one of the best ways of ensuring that a child’s mouth and dental structure conform to corrective intervention.

For uninterrupted adult tooth growth, early orthodontic treatment is an exceptional measure. Normally performed in a two-step process, teeth straightening is a preventive method of mitigating dental problems such as impacted teeth, and arbitrary growth. While orthodontists have no control over a patients DNA and genetic structure. Limitations in teeth placement and imperfections can be corrected with early preventive intervention.

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Let your Smile Run Free

Beecroft OrthodonticsSmile Quote No. 37: “You shouldn’t never regret something that made you smile”– Bei Maejor

It’s true that you want to look back on the happy moments in your life with joy; however, you might be afraid to offer a hearty smile if your teeth are crooked. Preventing your children from experiencing this aggravating situation is your goal right now, and speaking with a professional orthodontist is a wise way to address some of your most burning questions.

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Handling Invisalign Made Easy

Tips for Using Invisalign®

A crooked smile and gaps between teeth are common oral health conditions that have a number of adverse side effects. Not only do many patients wish to avoid the appearance, when left untreated it could also lead to medical issues for one’s jaw, gums, and the integrity of their teeth. This is why so many patients have turned to Invisalign to straighten their teeth and once again smile with confidence. For those who have recently gotten their trays or are interested in this process, here are some simple Invisalign tips and advice that will make the coming months as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Plan Ahead for Oral Hygiene and Spare Trays

While Invisalign aligners are a very convenient way to deal with malocclusion, they are also going to take a little extra planning throughout the day. This begins with always having a spare set of hygiene products in a purse, the car, the office, or anywhere else where a patient is going to spend an extended period of time. This will remove any temptations to forgo brushing and flossing and having an extra set of trays around is a great idea for any emergencies that may come up.


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