Is An Alcohol-Free, Sugar-Free Breath Spray Okay To Use With Invisalign?

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Bad breath is a problem plaguing a lot of people. This is acquired from a bad oral hygiene however it is also possible to have a bad breath even if you follow proper dental practices. Having your children to wear orthodontic braces or Invisalign Fredericksburg will not solve the bad breath problem. In fact, wearing braces all the time can sometimes worsen the problem of bad breath. Children are often lazy brushing their teeth two times a day. As it is more convenient to remove Fredericksburg Invisalign, you will think of a simpler option to help your child out –breath spray. Is an alcohol-free, sugar-free breath spray okay to use with Invisalign? The answer is, yes.

There can be a serious underlying cause behind your child’s bad breath. Before you think, “should I consult a pediatric orthodontist near me,” here are some things you need to know:

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