broccoli cheese soup

Tooth-Friendly Recipe 4: Broccoli Cheese Soup

broccoli cheese soup

Enjoy a Tooth Friendly Recipe to Strengthen Your Bones and Teeth

While you are wearing braces or aligners, you need to eat nutritious food in order to keep your teeth, bones and gums healthy. Your orthodontist will provide a list of foods that you cannot eat to avoid damaging the brackets or wires of your braces. It is not a good idea to chew hard or sticky vegetables or potato chips but soft cooked foods are an excellent choice for a meal. Broccoli cheese soup is a great food to have for lunch or dinner, and it contains numerous vitamins and minerals, including:

• Calcium
• Vitamin A
• Zinc
Vitamin K
• Manganese
• Vitamin C
• Riboflavin
• Vitamin B
• Protein

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