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Money Management: A Vital Factor to Achieve a Perfect Smile

Do Most Dentists and Orthodontists Offer Monthly Payments?

The main questions someone has when he comes in to get looked at for braces are: How will I pay for it? What options are available to pay for braces? Do you offer financing or monthly payments?

Rest assured, most orthodontists and dentists offer monthly payments.

Now, most people are probably used to going to the dentist and paying for procedures at the dental office. But, dentists and orthodontists handle things differently due to the nature of the work.

Most dental procedures are completed within one to three appointments, so patients are asked to provide a large chunk of or all of the money up-front. The dentist may, for right or wrong reasons, want the money up-front because he incurs all expenses up-front–there’s no guarantee the patient will return to the office to pay the remaining balance.

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