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Handling Invisalign Made Easy

Tips for Using Invisalign®

A crooked smile and gaps between teeth are common oral health conditions that have a number of adverse side effects. Not only do many patients wish to avoid the appearance, when left untreated it could also lead to medical issues for one’s jaw, gums, and the integrity of their teeth. This is why so many patients have turned to Invisalign to straighten their teeth and once again smile with confidence. For those who have recently gotten their trays or are interested in this process, here are some simple Invisalign tips and advice that will make the coming months as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Plan Ahead for Oral Hygiene and Spare Trays

While Invisalign aligners are a very convenient way to deal with malocclusion, they are also going to take a little extra planning throughout the day. This begins with always having a spare set of hygiene products in a purse, the car, the office, or anywhere else where a patient is going to spend an extended period of time. This will remove any temptations to forgo brushing and flossing and having an extra set of trays around is a great idea for any emergencies that may come up.


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