How Do I Clean my Invisalign?

how to clean invisalign

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Many people seeking orthodontic treatment in Fredericksburg come to our office with Invisalign in mind. Invisalign is one of the most popular options for straightening teeth because it is so easy to use and practically invisible when it’s placed in the mouth. Though the trays will be replaced frequently as the teeth adjust to them, it’s still important to keep your Invisalign clean. Fortunately, it’s much easier to keep your teeth and your Invisalign clean than it is to keep braces clean. Taking a multi-step approach is the best method.

Rinse After Removing

Every time you take your Invisalign out for eating or drinking, take time to give it a quick rinse before you store it away in a container. If there are any stray food particles or bacteria on the tray from your mouth, they can be much harder to remove once they’re dry. A short rinse with water can keep it a bit fresher. It’s best to plan to remove the tray in the bathroom before eating, especially if you’re out at a restaurant or at school. Otherwise, you might not be near a convenient source of water.

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