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Every Part of the Human Body is Connected

Healthy Gums keep your Heart Healthy

People often dread going to the dentist, but what they might not realize is that orthodontics is one of the most beneficial forms of preventative health care out there. Having a healthy mouth can end up saving the patient from numerous medical conditions down the line, including minimizing the chances of heart disease.

More than Just a Cleaning

The field of dentistry is filled with numerous expert fields with professionals who specialize in a specific analysis of the mouth. One of the most essential fields of dentistry is orthodontics, which is the study of jaw alignment, tooth growth, and improper biting structures. An Orthodontist specialist in Fredericksburg, going by the name of Beecroft Orthodontics can help patients at any age treatment the improper biting and jaw structure the patient may be afflicted with. Treatments like braces, retainers, and tooth headgear are the common corrective tools an orthodontist may employ to help the patient. This one field illustrates how dynamic orthodontics is beyond the routine cleanings a patient may need.

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Smile: A Life Straightening Technique


Smile Quote No. 20: A Smile is a Curve that Sets Everything Straight

Crooked teeth can stop you from making a neat curve when you smile, but with modern orthodontic techniques your smile can again set everything straight. Beecroft Orthodontics provides a professional service for fixing teeth problems.

Crooked teeth can occur for a number of reasons. These include genetics, when baby or adult teeth are lost too early, gum disease, inaccurately placed crowns or fillings, a misaligned jaw and thumb sucking. Also, if a baby uses a pacifier for too long, this could cause the development of crooked teeth.

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