How Often Should I Brush my Teeth with Braces?

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Braces could help you achieve that dream of having straight teeth and a great smile, but you will need to continue brushing and flossing your teeth in order to keep your mouth healthy. This orthodontic treatment works best when

you practice proper oral hygiene. It may take a little more effort than you are used to, but all good things require extra work. The end results will be well worth it. Once the braces come off, you will begin to notice that beautiful, healthy smile.


What is plaque?

Plaque is not a myth; it is a problem that no one wants! Each day, plaque will find its way into your mouth, but with thorough cleanings throughout the day, you can remove it. Removing the plaque is even more important when you have braces because the wires give the plaque more places to hide within the mouth. The saliva, food, and bacteria make up the plaque that will hide itself within the brackets of your braces, and if it is not removed, it can cause various dental issues, such as:

  • Cavities
  • Bad Breath
  • Swollen Gums
  • Teeth Staining

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How Can Invisalign Help Straighten Teeth and Boost Self-Confidence

Have you been embarrassed by your smile since childhood? Do you find yourself trying to hide your teeth as you

invisalign help straighten teeth

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speak in meetings at work? Perhaps even dating has left you feeling awkward about your smile. Unfortunately, having misaligned or crooked teeth wreaks havoc on every aspect of your life, and it is very common for adults to realize that it is time to take control of their confidence starting with their smile. While you may have heard about options to replace traditional metal braces, it is normal to wonder how can Invisalign help straighten teeth. As you explore your options for putting your best face forward, here is what you should know about this popular orthodontic treatment.


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How Much Does Invisalign Express Cost for Only Upper Teeth?


Learn About the Invisalign Express

If you have teeth that are less than straight, the Invisalign Express is the solution in dramatically improving your smile. It is the result of advanced innovative technology designed to straighten teeth at a lower cost than traditional methods. Besides cost, one of the most attractive features of the Invisalign Express is that it is a completely pain-free and invisible dental appliance that can still correct teeth with excellent results. Additionally, the Invisalign Express provides a much faster course of treatment than traditional braces.

What You Need to Know About the Appliance

The Invisalign Express is crafted out of a sheer plastic material that easily slips onto and contours to your teeth. As soon as you place it onto your teeth, it begins the process of sculpting your teeth into a more properly aligned positioning. In a matter of only three to six months, the tooth crowding or spacing in your mouth will be corrected. If you happen to only require your front or upper teeth adjusted, the cost will be much less than a full set of Invisalign aligners. As a result, the Invisalign express cost for only upper teeth may be more affordable than you might expect.

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Can I Wear Braces If I’m Pregnant?

During pregnancy, your body experiences many changes, and it becomes extremely important to take care of yourself for the health of your baby. This includes keeping an eye on both your emotional, mental and physical health. As part of this, many women believe they shouldn’t undergo any changes while pregnant, including getting braces to

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straighten their teeth. However, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t wear braces. We’re going to discuss this topic in depth as well as talk about alternatives to traditional braces, such as Invisalign.

Pregnancy and X-rays

The biggest complication to take into account when considering wearing braces while pregnant are the X-rays that need to be taken beforehand. It’s important for your orthodontist to take X-rays of your mouth to determine if there are any unseen problems such as hidden teeth that need to be corrected before moving forward with braces. If you had your X-rays taken before your pregnancy started, you should be able to move forward with getting braces without any concern. If not, you have a few things to take into consideration.

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How to Deal with Orthodontic Emergencies

Orthodontics is the science of aligning and straightening the teeth for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Braces are the most common tools used to straighten your teeth along with retainers afterward. From a parent’s perspective,

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the braces in a child’s mouth appear to have many components. In fact, there are several metal and rubber pieces to any orthodontic treatment. All of these components work as a single unit in order to improve a person’s smile. Because a child or teenager will have braces on for several months or years, it’s important to know what to do in the event of orthodontic emergencies. Consider these scenarios so that you’re ready for any issue that might arise.

Survey the Situation

Your child might alert you to an emergency, but that term can be used in a broad way at times. Ideally, take a basic survey of the situation by observing the child and listening to their concerns. Examples of orthodontic emergency situations include:

  • Swallowed a device
  • Active bleeding

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Before You Put on a Frown, Make Absolutely Sure There Are No Smiles Available – Jim Beggs


A smile comes with a positive connotation, and a frown comes with a negative one; however, despite that fact, people often turn toward the latter. As your kids start going to the orthodontist, you want to encourage them to keep smiling. Providing them with a reason to smile, even if they don’t like their braces, can be easy.

Changing Moods

Let your kids know that the way that they represent themselves to the outside world will often have an effect on how they feel inside. You can perform a simple test. The next time your kids are frowning, ask them how they feel on the inside. Make them smile and ask again. Show them that when they are willing to put on a smile, they can change the way that they think about certain situations.

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If You See a Friend without a Smile,Give Him One of Yours


As you raise your children, you’ll likely have many lessons that you want them to learn, and some of those lessons involve how to interact with other children. When you bring your kids to the orthodontist and encourage them to keep smiling, they can form stronger bonds with their classmates and other peers.

A Positive Effect

You know that if you give your smile, you often have the ability to calm your kids’ fears. Once they have braces, they can do the same for other children. If your kids are at the point where they have started to visit the orthodontist, others in their class are likely around the same stage. Just as your kids were probably nervous about the visits, so are these other children. Encourage your kids to smile at them so they can show that their braces have a positive effect.

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Smile: It’s Free Therapy – Douglas Horton


A smile is a wonderful thing. Smiling lifts you up and everyone around you.

In fact, smiling is a therapy of the best kind: It’s free therapy.

The benefits of smiling have been validated by science too:

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happy smile

How Can Widely-Spaced Teeth Impact Your Overall Health

Everyone would love to have the perfect Hollywood smile where every tooth is pearly white and completely straight. Unfortunately, reality does not work like that. We all have dental problems that bother us and could use some

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cosmetic reconstruction. The local Fredericksburg orthodontist knows how to fix teeth and to give patients the smile they want.

When most people get their adult teeth, the teeth are fairly close to each other. There is enough space for proper flossing. For many reasons, some people have teeth that are spaced-out widely. Some children start out with largely-gapped teeth and have the same problem with their permanent teeth. These big gaps are more than just aesthetic problems. Widely-spaced teeth can be caused by medical problems and can even indicate other disorders.


There is a lot of information for parents who are concerned about widely spaced teeth in their children. Here are some of the possible causes for this condition in children:

  • Genetic: Some children just inherit widely spaced teeth from their parents. There are some races that are predisposed to a gap between the incisors. If just the incisors are affected, many orthodontists will leave it alone unless the patient wants the gap to be closed.
  • Missing teeth: Of course, there will be a small gap when a child loses a baby tooth until the permanent tooth grows. Sometimes, there is no permanent tooth and the space remains empty. This gives more room for the teeth to become crooked and to collect more bacteria.
  • Disease: There are certain disorders of the body that can cause the teeth to have gaps. It can be a periodontal problem. If enough infection has built up in the gums and teeth, it can lead to sepsis, a potentially fatal condition.
  • Trauma of the face: If there has been facial trauma and teeth are affected, it can cause future gaps in the teeth.

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Smile and Gratitude Will Make You Stronger



At some point during the process of raising your children, you have likely encouraged them to maintain a positive attitude. In fact, when they went to the orthodontist for the first time, you probably reminded them not to be afraid. However, they may ask you why smiles and gratitude are so important, and now, you have manifold answers to give them.

Making Others Feel Better

Remind your kids of the time that you made them laugh or smile and they forgot their worries as a result. When they go to the orthodontist, they get to learn how to be strong and to have a formidable smile. Explain to them that when their friends feel upset, a smile is often all that it takes to help them feel better.

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