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The Mystery of the Wisdom Tooth

Do All Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Beecroft Orthodontics

Photo Credit: missresincup via Compfight cc

When it comes to teeth, everyone wants to have the brightest, the whitest, and the straightest teeth. Over time, people have developed all sorts of different ways to achieve these goals. White strips are common, braces have become invisible, and stain removal has practically illuminated the teeth to lamp standards. However, through all of this, one thing has remained relatively unchanged – the removal of the wisdom teeth.

The removal of wisdom tooth has always been considered by many as a rite of passage in the patient’s dental timeline. The belief being that should the wisdom teeth be left in, they will create chaos in the mouth of the patient, ranging from tooth decay to crooked smiles. While the basis for these beliefs are sound, they are not always 100% accurate – so when do wisdom teeth need to come out?

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