apple-raisin salad

Tooth-Friendly Recipe 8: Apple-Raisin Salad

apple raisin salad

Sometimes, you might have a craving for something sweet, but you need to think about your teeth in the process. You don’t want a lot of sugar in the foods that you eat as it will settle on the teeth, deteriorating the enamel and causing cavities to develop. A delicious tooth friendly recipe that can be altered depending on the flavors that you enjoy is an apple-raisin salad. This healthy salad isn’t like a traditional dish that includes lettuce and vegetables. It includes fruits, yogurt and nuts that are ideal for the spring and summer. You can add a few spices for a winter treat.

The first thing that you need to do when preparing this salad is to cut five apples into cubes after the seeds are removed. You can use any kind of apple that you enjoy, but red apples work best for the sweet flavors that you desire.

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