At What Age Do Baby Teeth Normally Fall Out?

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Losing Baby Teeth

A child’s first teeth (sometimes called primary teeth) typically come in when they are about six months old. These are usually the lower incisors; the upper second primary molars are usually the last to emerge. Most children have about 20 baby teeth by the time they get to age three and these teeth will essentially remain the same for approximately three years. Children lose their baby teeth when their permanent teeth start to emerge within the jaw. The baby teeth will eventually fall out.

Some children may be worried by the thought of losing teeth and others may be excited at the thought of getting new ones. If they are worried, you should reassure them that they probably will not feel anything. You may be worried as well; parents sometimes worry about their child’s teeth falling out too early or their permanent teeth taking too long to come in. You should learn when to expect your child’s first teeth and what you should do to make sure that they maintain a good oral health.

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