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Average Duration of Teeth’s Straightening Treatment

What is the Average Length of the Treatment to Straighten my Teeth?

At some point during a person’s initial consultation, one of the top questions is:  How long will treatment take?It’s hard to give a specific range without seeing the person. But, I’ll discuss what impacts treatment time and how you can speed it up.The severity of the issues is the number one factor affecting treatment time. Is it just a tooth problem or a skeletal/growth imbalance? Do we have to spend a lot of time fixing an imbalance of the upper and lower jaws or are we just fixing some minor crowding of the teeth? If it’s just some minor crowding of the teeth needing tweaks, then treatment can be as short as a few months. If there are some growth issues and modifications needed, treatment may take up to three years in extreme cases.Typically, patients can expect about a year-and-a-half treatment period at most orthodontic offices.

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