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Tap Water vs. Bottled Water

What’s the deal with bottled water? It doesn’t have Fluoride in it…

Bottled water has been hailed as a subtle change that allows easy access to purified drinking water. This has led many families to turn off the tap while opting instead to purchase their water in convenient bottles made for on-the-go use.

Unbeknown to many consumers, particularly those who have small children or those already at risk of tooth decay and other oral diseases, bottled water presents a hazard due to the fact that it’s missing one crucial ingredient that teeth need to stay healthy: fluoride.

Why Do People Choose Bottled Water?

The main marketing principle of most bottled water is that it lacks the many contaminants that tap water has. Supposedly superior filtration processes and purer sources of water make it so people don’t have to worry about things like excessive chlorine or other contaminants that can make water taste unpalatable.

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