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Did you Know: Colors can Depict Personality Traits

What Your Rubber Band Color Says About You

Wearing braces doesn’t mean your mouth has to be boring. With colored braces by Beecroft Orthodontics in King George, VA your rubber band color can say a lot about your personality. When your orthodontist specialist places the elastic bands firmly over the brackets during your appointment, you can make your mouth look less drab by selecting a different color every time you come in to change your bands.

Whether you want to match your braces with a special outfit, go with a particular holiday theme, support your favorite sports team or express your creativity by choosing your school colors, you can take your new mouth-wear to a whole new level with Braces Colors. Adults can even get in on the color bandwagon. You’ll find many of today’s more mature brace wearers going for a subtle approach of colored bands by opting to select clear, gray or silver.

Because the brackets have individual ligatures, your band placement can take on many forms. This allows you to make a bold statement by placing an entire rainbow of colors over your teeth. The bright colors can also make your teeth appear vibrantly white, while pale shades such as white and yellow can cause them to look less brilliant.

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