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Braces: Duration of Orthodontic Appointments

How Often Do Braces Need to be Tightened After Placement?

It’s one of the top questions people have at their initial consultation appointment:  Once I get my braces on, how often do I need to come in to get them tightened?

I think people who haven’t had treatments have an awful visual of orthodontic technicians cranking on their braces and using metal lassos to tighten their teeth.

Rest assured, it’s nothing like that.

So, what happens when we put your braces on? We initially put a light wire in, which can be anywhere from 12 to 16 thousandths of an inch. It’s made out of a material developed by NASA, used in the space program. These wires are flexible and have shape memories. So, you put them in and they bend, twist, and turn to the shape and position of your teeth. They’ll slowly bring your teeth to the ideal position. The nice thing about these wires is they last for a long time while continuing to move your teeth for many weeks.

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