The Surplus of the Heart Overflows from a Smile

The Surplus of the Heart Overflows from a Smile Only few people can resist the smile of a child. Even though most people think that a child's "crooked" smile is just fine the way it is, teeth malformations can still give way to dental development issues in adulthood. Learn how to keep your child's overflowing smile in place while having it look its best at the same time!

When Should My Child First Start Seeing an Orthodontist?

The Association of Orthodontists states that parents should make their first appointment with an orthodontist when their child turns 7. This is due to the fact that many issues of a dental nature can be identified by your child's orthodontist at that age.

Some of the problems that your orthodontist will be looking out for include the following issues:

  • Spacing and crowding of teeth
  • Protruding front teeth (teeth that stick out)
  • Alignment of teeth
  • Open-bites and Deep-bites (bites that don't overlap)

All parents should get their child to an orthodontist, not just those children who have an obvious dental issue. If this is done, conditions such as overbites and misalignment's can be corrected early. Early intervention will also benefit your child as it will give your little angel a couple more years of that beautiful smile that you love so much.

Dr. Matt Beecroft doesn't just put braces on people. He gives people a smile with a heart. Dr. Matt Beecroft’s smile quotes let potential patients know that he cares about the end results of his work as much as his patients do. This means that Dr. Beecroft and his staff will work hard to ensure that everybody will see their child's heart through their smile.

If you have any question about Dr. Beecroft's services, call or email the office and a member of the staff will be more than happy to address all of your concerns.

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A Smile Can Last a Lifetime

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