Living with Braces

Deciding to get braces means taking the first step toward straighter teeth. Braces are a large commitment, and they require some rules that are a little different than you're used to. Life with braces can still be fun and rewarding, so long as you pay attention to what they need.

The best part of braces is that in a few months to years, they are removed to give you a beautiful smile that you will have for the rest of your life. Here is a look at some of the ways that your life with braces may change:


Though you can eat a lot of your favorite foods you are used to, some of them may cause you problems, and others may require a different way to eat. Foods that you bite directly, like corn and apples, will need to be cut up when you have braces to keep them from bending the wires or accidentally breaking the glue bond between the brackets and your teeth.

  • Extra crunchy foods like popcorn kernels, ice and corn or kettle chips may also cause a problem with breaking your braces off.

  • Really chewy and sticky foods like caramel, taffy, and gum can catch and pull your braces off.

  • Hard chewy bread like bagels can also cause a problem.

If you really love a food, speak with your orthodontist to see if they have a good substitute to allow you your favorite taste. Soft caramel ice cream sauce has an okay texture, for example, without risking damage to your brackets.


Brushing is always important, however, with braces it is extremely important to get into those little nooks and crannies or risk lots of extra time doing professional cleanings. A good flossing and brushing twice a day can go a long way in keeping your braces and teeth clean.

Many people will also brush and floss after eating to avoid the embarrassment of having food caught in their braces. It never hurts to travel with a toothpick and a good friend who will notice these things to help avoid this.

When to Call an Orthodontist

Life with Braces - Beecroft Orthodontics

Braces come with a certain amount of discomfort whenever they are tightened, so a sore mouth after a visit is not usually something of concern. Often, rinsing the mouth with saltwater can help this.

If you break a bracket or wire, or have pain longer than is expected, than it is normal to come back in for a follow up visit to help the problem. Some people have more difficulty with braces than others, though a little wear and tear issues are pretty normal for everyone. If you are unsure, a quick call to your orthodontist can help to either reassure you or get you in quickly to keep a small problem from becoming a big one. Communication is key when it comes to keeping your mouth and braces healthy.

The road to a beautiful smile is not always easy, but braces are definitely worth it for most people in regard to confidence and comfort throughout your life. If you are on the fence about braces, you can schedule a consultation with Beecroft Orthodontics about your concerns. They are happy to help you find the right solution for you or your family.

Life with Braces