A Smile Can Last a Lifetime


“It only takes a split second to smile and forget, yet to someone that needed it, it can last a lifetime.” ― Steve Maraboli

You Can Smile and Forget About How Your Teeth Look

One of the most popular smile quotes is attributed to Dr. Steve Maraboli. As a motivational writer and speaker, he believes that it is fast to smile and forget the action but the receiver remembers the smile for a lifetime. When you think about how easy it is to smile at someone, then you will take the time to offer a smile more often. It is possible that you are too embarrassed to smile because you have gaps between your teeth.

However, with modern orthodontic treatments, it is simple to improve the positions of your teeth in a few months or years to have a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Someone Needed Your Smile Today

Today’s orthodontic treatments are faster than a few years ago because orthodontists have access to various innovations. In many cases, the time required for orthodontic treatment is 50 percent less than before. Not only will wearing braces require less time today, but also the process is more comfortable because an orthodontist understands how to configure the wires and brackets on your teeth well.

Dr. Matt Beecroft is an Expert Orthodontist

Finding an orthodontist in a nearby neighborhood makes it convenient to schedule office visits, and Dr. Beecroft has three facilities available for patients living in Virginia:

  • Fredericksburg – 540-898-2200
  • King George – 540-775-2022
  • Stafford – 540-659-6300

Dr. Beecroft will examine your teeth and obtain medical images to determine the type of orthodontic procedure that is most appropriate. Some of the orthodontic treatments available include:

  • Metal braces
  • Invisalign aligners
  • Lingual braces

Schedule an appointment at Beecroft Orthodontics today.

Beecroft Orthodontics - 10472 Georgetown Dr, Fredericksburg, VA22553 Phone: 540 898 2200

A Smile Can Last a Lifetime

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