The Aesthetic Transformation

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Smile Quote No. 27: I have a Tickle in my Brain and it Keeps Making the Corners of my Mouth Point towards the Heavens

Dr. Matt Beecroft of Beecroft Orthodontics in Fredericksburg, VA has created my great smile. Before following one of his treatment programs I was actually ashamed to smile because my front teeth were so badly aligned that when I opened my mouth I could feel the stares of alarm. I was well in my 30s by that time and really thought it was far too late to do anything about it. After doing some research I discovered that you don’t need to be a teenager to get your teeth straightened but there were so many orthodontic appliances available for every age group and at a reasonable cost too.

I couldn’t wait any longer and as I lived in Fredericksburg, VA, I arranged a consultation at Beecroft Orthodontics. This appointment changed my life forever. I was offered a treatment program with Lingual braces as they are an invisible solution for straightening teeth as they are fixed on the inner side of the teeth and not on the outer side, as happens with metal braces.

These braces are composed of brackets and wire, similar to conventional braces, but can hardly be seen but they do a great job at repositioning teeth as they did with mine.  They are custom designed so that they fit on the right place and they are extremely comfortable to wear. If anyone ever asks me how I transformed my smile, I never hesitate to tell them and would actively encourage anyone to follow in my footsteps. It is such a great feeling when nothing stops you from expressing yourself through your smile especially as for so many years I tried to avoid the subject.

If you or a family member has misaligned or crooked teeth or any other orthodontic problem and you live in Fredericksburg or Stafford, VA you should arrange a consultation with Beecroft Orthodontics who will have a treatment option ready to discuss with you.

Beecroft Orthodontics, 10472 Georgetown Dr. Fredericksburg, Virginia

Phone: 540-898-2200

The Aesthetic Transformation

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