What is the Best Age for Your Child to Get Orthodontic Braces?

GIF courtesy of giphy.com Looking for the best dentist near me can help you to find a suitable orthodontist for your child. Many children and teens deal with a lot of orthodontic problems. They might have crooked teeth that just do not look very nice, or they might have severe orthodontic and jaw alignment problems which could cause issues with talking and eating properly. Whatever the case, visiting an orthodontist is one of the very best things for your child and can seriously increase their level of self-esteem and confidence once their treatment is completed.


What Exactly is Orthodontics?

You may be interested in finding a pediatric dentist near me, but an orthodontist is a specialist in their own unique field. Orthodontics refers to the type of dentistry that helps to straighten teeth and better align the mouth and jaw. Many people are not born with perfectly straight teeth; in fact it's pretty uncommon to have great teeth without having any type of orthodontic treatment done on your mouth. Because of this, visiting a local orthodontist might be the best option for either you or your child in order to achieve a more beautiful smile.

Orthodontics often involves the use of braces, whether they are clear or the traditional metal variety, but it can also involve a wide range of other treatments that all help to make the smile more beautiful and aligned. Many people who go for orthodontic treatment will also wear retainers and may be fitted for a wide range of other treatments that are meant to better the smile and straighten teeth over time. The course of treatment for orthodontics can sometimes be months or even years because the process of straightening teeth has to be done expertly and gradually in order to achieve the best results.

At what age should I schedule an appointment for an orthodontic screening? Beecroft Orthodontics


Why Should My Child Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is a great option for any older child or teenager who has crooked teeth or is having issues with the alignment of their mouth or jaw. The reason many parents choose to have their child get orthodontic treatment is because it helps the child's self-esteem and makes them have a beautiful smile that is going to stay with them for life. As a person gets older, they may not have the time, means or money to go for orthodontic treatment on their own, so having this treatment done while the individual is still a child or a teen is the best way to go about doing things.

Having your child go for orthodontic treatment is normally not invasive like it would be going to a normal dentist. Orthodontist appointments are often over with quite quickly and will be done often on a monthly basis. Because of this, your child can form a good relationship with the orthodontist, who is accustomed to working with kids and teens. You can feel completely comfortable taking your child to a local orthodontist in order for them to have this type of work done.

What is the Best Age for Your Child to Get Orthodontic Braces?

The age you bring your child to begin receiving orthodontic treatment is really up to you as the parent, the orthodontist and the child themselves. You need to know the maturity level of your own child to determine if they will be able to receive this type of treatment without making a huge deal about it. Having orthodontic work done also requires your child to brush their teeth a little more carefully and to avoid certain types of foods. If you feel your child cannot do these things on their own, it might not be time for them to receive orthodontic braces and treatment.

Knowing your child and their level of maturity and ability to care for their teeth is vital to knowing what the best age is for them to begin seeing an orthodontist. Some kids who are eight years old are fine going to the orthodontist while others, despite being in the same age range, need to wait many more years until they are in their teens in order for the treatment to be successful and easily done. Keep in mind that orthodontic work is often done for multiple years, so you need to have a child who is mentally and physically prepared for this.

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What to Expect During Orthodontic Treatment

When your child begins to go for orthodontic treatment, you should expect first to have a thorough consultation with the orthodontist. The orthodontist is a specialist in their field and will go over all the types of treatments available to your child. You can then discuss these options with the orthodontist and your child to determine the best course of action specific to them. This is where you will begin when it comes to your child's orthodontic treatment.

You should also expect to take your child to visit the orthodontist about once a month or so. This is because the braces they are wearing need to be adjusted in order to continue straightening and aligning the teeth. Missing these appointments will extend the amount of time the braces have to be on and will disrupt the treatment and its effectiveness. This is why it is absolutely vital that you have the time and means to bring your child to their orthodontic appointment every single time it is scheduled by the office.

Beecroft Orthodontics is a wonderful office for adults, teens and children alike who would like to boost their beautiful smile. You can contact Beecroft Orthodontics by telephone or email if you are interested in getting your child started with their own unique orthodontic treatment. You can have a completely thorough consultation with Beecroft Orthodontics that involves discussing different options available, payment plans and what your child should expect when visiting the orthodontist regularly. Having a gorgeous smile is something your child will love for the rest of their life, so getting them started by visiting Beecroft Orthodontics is a wonderful idea.

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What is the Best Age for Your Child to Get Orthodontic Braces?

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