You Can Smile Anytime, Just Smile

Days May Smile and May Not. But You Can Smile Anytime, Just Smile

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Smile Quote #5: “Days May Smile and May Not. But You Can Smile Anytime, Just Smile.” - Samar AlDhamadi

There are those days in which everything you planned for happened. At the end of this day, you’ll feel light, happy, and contended because of your accomplishments and partly because the odds turned in your favor. However, this is not always the case. There are also those days in which nothing seemed to be right. Everything is off balanced and falling apart. You might think that there’s no good reason for you to smile at the end of those days, but trust me, there’s more to it than just smiling.

Studies show that smiling can ease away a little pain you felt in your heart. It can lighten your mood and those around you. All of these come from a single smile despite all the bad things that had happened on that day. So why not spare a little time to make yourself better with a simple smile?

Always remember, “Days may smile and may not, but you can smile anytime, so just smile” (Samar AIDhamadi).

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You Can Smile Anytime, Just Smile

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