Chuck Your Toothbrush

WW2-BeecroftWords Of Wisdom No. 2 - Chuck Your Toothbrush

Proper brushing of teeth is important because it prevents the development of harmful infections. Bacteria development must be avoided because the germs could cause a lung infection or a heart infection. If the infection is serious, it can be fatal. According to dental specialists, dental bacteria has been linked to strokes and heart attacks. This is why proper brushing is critical; resourceful brushing prevents these health problems because it reduces the bacteria that develops in the mouth. Brushing also removes sugar, which are considered food for bacteria; by eliminating the sugars, the bacteria will not increase to dangerous levels.

Efficient Tooth Brushing Tips By Orthodontics Fredericksburg Specialists

You must brush your teeth two times a day; the first brushing should occur in the morning, and the second brushing should be done before bedtime. When possible, try to brush after lunch or after any sweet snacks are consumed. Before bedtime, ensure that all plaque is removed because bacterial activity increases when you sleep.

Each time you brush your teeth, brush for at least two to three minutes with a soft bristled toothbrush. After three months, replace your old tooth with a new one.

Tooth Brushing Tips Recommended By Dentists

Scrub each tooth gently using horizontal movements to remove any plaque that is lodged on the gum margins. A toothbrush that has a tiny head is the best option because it gives you more access to hard-to-reach tooth surfaces and to areas in the back of your month. If you prefer a powered toothbrush, purchase one that has rotation and oscillation features. According to the experts, rotation and oscillation eliminate plaque and reduce gum inflammation very efficiently. In addition, these actions will not cause serious gum injuries.

Proper Brushing Of Teeth - Tips For Children

Children who are two years old or younger should not use fluoride toothpaste. Kids who are two to seven years old should only use a pea-size amount. Experts recommend that parents help their kids until they are over seven years old.

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Chuck Your Toothbrush

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