How Dental Hygienist Cleans Teeth?

Photo credit: locomomo / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Whether you visit a traditional dentist or an orthodontist for kids in King George, both professionals are concerned with your teeth's cleanliness. From basic brushing to scaling, removing of plaque and tartar is also a priority. You'll meet several dental hygienists as you visit the dentist or orthodontist, but their cleaning methods may vary based on your dental history and the facility's rules.

  • Tooth Evaluation First

Before any cleaning or polishing can occur, the dental professional must evaluate your teeth for any issues. Cavities and extreme tartar buildup must be examined for a swift resolution to be created. A dental hygienist may only polish your teeth if other issues need to be dealt with in follow-up appointments, such as filling cavities. Surgery or braces for adults could be necessary, requiring another appointment with further treatments. Hygienists follow the dentist or orthodontist's instructions to maintain consistent care for each patient.

  • Helping the Dental Professional

Some dentists and orthodontists take pride in their cleaning abilities, insisting they perform the process themselves. There may be a scaling process necessary for your teeth. Scaling incorporates a vibrating tool into the cleaning process to jostle plaque and tartar off the tooth surface. Professionals typically want to see the results of this cleaning process themselves. Hygienists follow up with basic polishing to help the professional move on to the next patient.

Although the term "polishing" often reminds you of a basic glossy film applied to a surface, tooth polishing is different. If a dental hygienist only polishes the teeth, the surface may have been clean enough to skip the scaling or scraping process. The polish used in teeth work is actually full of abrasives. As the rotating tool works across the tooth, these fine or coarse grains clean the surface as they polish it too. Be aware, however, that this polishing process does remove some enamel from the teeth, leaving them vulnerable to decay in the future.

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  • Specialized Visits

You may be visiting the dental or orthodontic office for a follow-up or other appointment. If you've just had a scraping or scaling, a dental hygienist will often only polish the teeth. This situation also occurs when you've just had braces installed. Because of the brackets and wires, dentists can't access all the tooth surfaces. Hygienists may just polish the exposed surfaces while working around the orthodontic hardware.

  • Asking Questions

There is no harm asking your dental hygienist about their procedures. You won't offend them because they're often flattered that you care about their specialized skills. They may even offer a play-by-play of their steps. If your dental situation doesn't fit into any of these scenarios, it's natural to be curious. The dentist or orthodontist could go over these questions with you as well. Understanding tooth care is just another step to maintain your overall health. If you want more than just a polish, a hygienist may oblige your concern and ask for a thorough cleaning.

Regardless of your orthodontic needs, such as gold braces Fredericksburg has to offer, the dental hygienist performs their duties for the good of your health. If you have any questions about your treatment, contact Beecroft Orthodontics. They proudly serve the Stafford, Fredericksburg and King George areas with their expert care.

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How Dental Hygienist Cleans Teeth?

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