Is Jaw Straightening Affordable?

What is the Cost to Straighten Out a Jaw?

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Sometimes, for the best aesthetic and functional results, a patient may requires a jaw surgery.

Let’s explore if you are a candidate for a surgery; what to expect and the cost of treatment.

Are you a Candidate for a Jaw Surgery?

Orthodontists can fix many imbalances especially on a growing pre-teen or child. We often see people who have jaw imbalances, where their lower jaw is growing too much or not enough as compared to their upper jaw; or their upper jaw is not as wide as their lower jaw. These skeletal imbalances have nothing to do with the position of the teeth.

Receiving an orthodontic treatment at the correct time is often essential if there’s more than a tooth problem. The correct time is usually before the onset of puberty. That’s often when young men and women hit a growth spurt and it’s easiest to direct that growth.

As people grow, the bone turns over quicker and more regularly, so it’s a lot easier for orthodontists to form, shape and direct growth. But, when people (older teenagers to young adults) are past that peak growth period, their bones are a bit more dense. Then, it’s more difficult to move more than the teeth. If there's a large imbalance, that person may be a candidate for a jaw surgery.

Different habits may also lead to the need for a surgery if they are not corrected at the appropriate time. The number one habit that needs correcting is the thumb habit. It may cause the upper jaw to narrow and affect the skeletal balance of the upper and lower jaw. Having the mouth open and cheeks taut narrows the upper jaw. This can also occur with people have sinus or allergy problems because they breath through their mouth for long periods throughout the day.

All this can be fixed at the right age period with orthodontics and different appliances. But, if you have past that age period, you may be a candidate for an orthognathic or a jaw surgery.

What to Expect?

For some patients with growth imbalances, surgery is the only option regardless of the time in their lives. If you need a surgery, you will also need braces. Braces come before surgery, so the teeth are set up in a good position for the surgeon when he or she performs the procedure to get the jaws in proper balance. Typically, you have braces a year to two before surgery, depending on the severity of the case. You have the surgical procedure and spend a few months in braces afterwards just for fine-detailing.

How much Does it Cost?

The cost range varies because so much is involved. Time wise, it takes longer because there’s more prep work involved in working with an oral surgeon. You also have the cost of the oral surgery. But, often medical insurance will cover a good portion of it.

A Patient’s Experience

A college sophomore who had braces as a child came in about a year ago. She was told she had a skeletal imbalance that couldn’t be fully or ideally corrected with braces. At the time, she wasn’t ready to go forward with a surgery, nor was the timing correct. Eventually, she got braces, her teeth straightened up, and she had a great smile. But, she always longed for a nicer look. So, she came in ready for a surgery. She had braces for a few months since she had them previously and then proceeded with a surgery. Now she’s beyond happy with the results.

It’s amazing to see how someone transforms when you combine braces and a jaw surgery. You can literally change your whole face--look like a different person.  It’s not for everyone. But, if it’s something you've thought about, you may want to look into it-- because it can truly change you life. Call us today for a free consultation with Dr. Matt Beecroft.

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Is Jaw Straightening Affordable?

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