Why Is It Necessary to Visit Your Orthodontist Regularly?

visit orthodontist regularly

Unfortunately, not everyone was born with perfectly straight teeth. Some people have an overbite and some have an under bite. There are some people who have teeth that are crowded and others who have gaps in their teeth. Luckily, there are ways for all of these problems to be corrected. If you see an orthodontist, you can get fitted with either traditional braces or Invisalign. They both correct the same types of problems, but traditional metal braces cannot be removed and they are very noticeable. Invisalign on the other hand are invisible and they can be removed when you eat and brush. Whichever method you choose; you would need to see your orthodontist on a regular basis. Typically, the orthodontist would schedule monthly visits. Some people find these frequent appointments to be a hassle. As much as the

Determine the Best Time For Braces

The orthodontist can start seeing children when they are young so that they can determine the best time for braces. As soon as the child's adult teeth have grown in, the orthodontist would be able to estimate the best time to start straightening treatments. If teeth crowding is the problem, the orthodontist would need to keep an eye on the problem. This would allow the orthodontist to determine the best time to begin correcting the problem. If you are an adult, chances are, you will only need one consultation before having your braces put on.

Ensure that the Adult Teeth Grow Straight

If your child loses their baby teeth later than usual, it can cause the adult teeth to grow in crooked. It is best for children to see the orthodontist so that they can determine if a tooth should be extracted. This can make the straightening process much easier. In order to make the straightening process quicker and easier, you should take your child for a regular visit to the orthodontist, even before they have their braces put on. If you are an adult getting braces, you will already have lost your baby teeth, therefore, numerous visits wouldn't be necessary.

Spot and Repair Broken Wires or Brackets

When you get braces, you are given a list of foods that you cannot eat. These are foods that could potentially break the brackets or wires. Some of these foods include popcorn, corn on the cob. Pizza crust, and hard candy. Gum is also off limits. If you have braces and you eat any of these foods, you risk damaging the brackets and wires.

The same is true if it is your child who has braces. It is also possible for the brackets and wires to break on their own. Broken wires and brackets are the most common reason for needing to see the orthodontist before your scheduled appointment. Also, your brackets and wires could break without you even being aware. Regular visit to the orthodontist will ensure that the brackets are not broken or damaged. The sooner the damage is repaired, the better. If there are broken wires or brackets, they won't be effective in straightening out your teeth. Regular visit to orthodontist is necessary.

Adjust Your Braces or Refit Your Invisalign

If you have chosen metal braces for yours or your child's treatment, you would need to have them adjusted regularly. As your teeth start to straighten, your braces would need to be tightened to continue the progress. This is important for the treatment to stay on course. If you have chosen Invisalign as your method of treatment, you will need new trays as well. Just because there are no brackets to tighten, it doesn't mean that the aligners don't need to be replaced. In most cases, you would need to go to the orthodontist every few weeks to check your progress. As the teeth begin to shift into place, new aligners would need to be fitted.

With Invisalign treatment, each aligner is designed to shift different teeth. Regular visits to the orthodontist are necessary so that the aligners can be changed once your progress graduates to the next level. Whether you chose traditional metal braces or Invisalign, your progress would be slowed if you frequently miss the visits to the orthodontist. In most cases, every visit to the orthodontist won't be for the braces to be adjusted or for the Invisalign aligners to be switched out. Many of these appointments are just to track your progress.

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Ensure That Your Teeth Are Moving On Schedule

It is important that you or your child see the orthodontist on a regular basis to check on the progress. If the teeth are moving slower than scheduled, the orthodontist can speed up the process. If the teeth are moving too quickly, the orthodontist would slow the treatment. If the teeth straighten too fast, it is not good and the treatment won't be as effective. In order for the treatment to be successful, the orthodontist needs to track the progress often.

Get Fitted For a Retainer

Once the treatment with the braces or Invisalign is complete, you would still need to see the orthodontist. It is possible for the teeth to drift back to their original position. To keep this from happening, a retainer would be necessary. A retainer would keep the teeth in the right position. After the retainer is made, the orthodontist would schedule a few appointments spread out a few months apart. These appointments are to make sure that the retainer is working. In the beginning, you may be required to wear the retainer 24 hours a day, while some people need to wear it at night only. When the orthodontist has decided that the retainer is working properly, you would no longer need to make regular appointments. The only time that you would need to see the orthodontist, is if there were a problem with the retainer.

Checkups for Over Crowding

When wisdom teeth start to come in, they can shift the teeth in the mouth, which can result in overcrowding. This can ruin the progress that the treatment made. When the wisdom teeth come in, it is important to schedule a regular visit to the orthodontist until they are extracted. In some cases, the teeth don't need to be extracted. If the orthodontist finds that the wisdom teeth came in straight and they won't cause any problems, they may not need to be extracted. This would make it even more important to see the orthodontist as soon as the wisdom teeth grow in.

Check for Tooth Decay

One of the main reasons that it is necessary to visit orthodontist regularly is to make sure that your teeth or your child's teeth are healthy. If you have traditional metal braces, it can make brushing your teeth difficult. It is important to brush well above and below the brackets. Also, the orthodontist will give you a special tool to clean underneath the wires. It is also important to floss daily. If you don't take care of your teeth

while the braces are on, when they come off, you can be left with stains where the brackets once were. Brushing your teeth with Invisalign is much easier. Before brushing, you would simply remove the aligner. This lets you brush your teeth the same way that you did before the treatment. It is still important, however, to make sure that your teeth are healthy. You would need to regularly visit your orthodontist for healthy teeth. You don't want to go through the years of treatment to get your teeth straight, only to have them fall out due to decay. It is necessary to visit the orthodontist for healthy teeth.

Braces and Invisalign can work wonders when it comes to correcting your smile or your child's smile. If you want the treatment to be quick and effective, it is important to see the orthodontist regularly to make sure that the treatment is working and that there are no underlying problems that could have a negative effect on the treatment process. Call Beecroft Orthodontics now to schedule an appointment.

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Why Is It Necessary to Visit Your Orthodontist Regularly?

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