Orthodontic Fact #1: Hippocrates In 400 BC Had Written Works On Dental Deformities


Orthodontia Yesterday and Today

Taking care of teeth is a very old practice which is old as Hippocrates, who wrote about irregular teeth in 400 BC. From using catgut to correct dental deformities in ancient Egypt and headgear during 70’s, orthodontic practice had evolved significantly.

So How Do Braces Work?

The modern day braces are best described with a phrase “little by little”. Braces are not a quick overnight fix; it works over time to gently shift teeth back into the correct position. The primary purpose of orthodontist in correcting teeth isn't only for positive cosmetic reasons, but to keep your teeth healthy.

Modern Orthodontia

We are fortunate that best breakthroughs in orthodontia are developed gradually 40 years ago. Old orthodontic paraphernalia like catgut, wooden teeth, or pesky wires are no longer needed; braces today are both discreet and effective. These are some of the braces offered today:

- Invisalign braces - Gold braces - Metal braces - Ceramic braces - Lingual braces

It is an orthodontic fact that different kinds of teeth require different kinds of treatments. For teens, Invisalign is recommended as best fit while metal braces may be a better choice for children’s first braces.

Brace Face No More

Recent inventions like Invisalign and lingual braces remove almost all visible signs of braces. Days of humiliating headgear are long over; having a healthy smile is possible without the embarrassing display of braces. If you're looking for Fredericksburg Invisalign braces, check what Beecroft Orthodontics has to offer!

When searching for near orthodontist in Fredericksburg, always remember Beecroft Orthodontics. They offer professional care for teeth, smiles, and self-confidence.

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Orthodontic Fact #1: Irregularities of the teeth is one of the earliest writings about dental deformities, written by Hippocrates in 400 BC

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