Orthodontic Fact #2: The first ever certified orthodontist in the United States is Dr. Charles Tweed from the late 18th century


Although millions of Americans benefit from the field of orthodontics, not many people know much of the history of the practice. In fact, one of the most surprising orthodontic facts for many people is just how old the practice is. While orthodontics may seem like a modern marvel, this practice dates back many years; in fact, the first orthodontist ever certified in the United States was Dr. Charles Tweed, who attained that honor in the early 1900s. Tweed lived from 1895 to 1969 and contributed much to the practice throughout his career.

Dr. Tweed dedicated much of his young adulthood to his studies, beginning at Ohio State University, progressing to the School of Orthodontia in Kansas City, Missouri, and eventually completing post-graduate studies at Columbia University. This enabled Dr. Tweed to gain a deep understanding of the principles of dentistry and orthodontics, putting him in a position to provide great service to the field. Additionally, Dr. Tweed spent much of his career working in clinical trials and performing research to improve the field of orthodontics throughout his years practicing in Ohio and Arizona.

And while Dr. Tweed's work helped lay the groundwork for the practice of orthodontics as we know it today, many contributions and developments since the days of Dr. Tweed have helped bring better outcomes to countless patients since his time. Many of the efforts of modern orthodontists have helped make orthodontia more accessible to more people. In addition, modern orthodontia is much more effective and efficient, and in many cases, less intrusive, than the type of orthodontia pioneered by Dr. Tweed and his peers.

Among the latest and greatest innovations in modern orthodontia is Invisalign, which provides an effective means of enhancing your smile without painful or embarrassing metal braces. When it comes to Invisalign King George area residents trust Beecroft Orthodontics. For a friendly but professional atmosphere and effective treatment, Beecroft Orthodontics is a top pick for Fredericksburg Invisalign treatment.

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Orthodontic Fact #2: The first ever certified orthodontist in the United States is Dr. Charles Tweed from the late 18th century.

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