Orthodontic Fact #6: Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to lose all your teeth before you get braces. In fact, treatments can start at the young age of 7

Beecroft6-JanWhen it comes to a child's oral health parents can never be too careful. What may appear to be a minor issue with misaligned teeth could turn into years of dental issues ranging from tooth loss to jaw problems. This is why every parent should understand some of the signs that a child may need braces and what their options will be for helping them straighten their teeth and improving their oral health.

One important orthodontic fact to remember is that an abnormal bite pattern is often seen as early as 6 years of age. By the time that a child's first tooth erupts they should be visiting a dentist at least twice a year in order to ensure that their teeth, soft tissue, and jaws are developing correctly. If there are any minor issues such as an abnormal bite pattern or teeth are becoming overcrowded, wearing braces may be the best option for maintaining a straight smile.

Children as young as seven years old can begin wearing braces in order to ensure that their teeth are developing correctly. Braces are comprised of a number of components including metal wires and posts that are attached to the teeth. The wires are regularly tightened which will allow the braces to pull the teeth back into alignment. Once your child is slightly older, our Fredericksburg Invisalign specialist may suggest the use of invisible trays to continue improving their smile. These clear plastic trays are more comfortable, can be taken out at any time, and will continue to help with the form and function of your child's smile.

If you have asked yourself “Are there dentists near me that can help my child with a beautiful and healthy smile?”, look no further than Beecroft Orthodontics. Call us today to setup your own appointment and take that first step towards great oral health and a world-class smile.

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Orthodontic Fact #6: Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to lose all your teeth before you get braces. In fact, treatments can start at the young age of 7

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