Orthodontic Fact #9: Dental Wires Developed by NASA

Beecroft9-Jan Most children are probably more interested in astronauts and space than getting braces. What children aren't aware of is the fact that rockets and orthodontics share a connection with the material used for some dental braces and was developed by NASA. Parents can rely on quality of wires used in dental braces because it is strong enough to be transported in space.

Out Of This World Orthodontic Fact

Researchers were originally interested in a combination of nickel and titanium called Nitinol to see if it could withstand re-entry into the atmosphere. This material is very elastic and flexible, and Nitinol wires are able to keep their shape after being bent and attached to teeth.

Houston, We Have A Problem

Braces slowly apply pressure to correct out of line teeth. Adjustments could last months or years until teeth are safely shifted into position. Frequent trips to the orthodontist are necessary for changing or adjusting certain wires because they kink over time and no longer put pressure on teeth. Unfortunately, replacing these wires can cause tenderness and some discomfort.

Benefits of This Dental Braces Fact

Dental wires made of Nitinol respond to the body heat and move with teeth without kinking and would seldom need adjustments. This type of dental wire is a recommended option for young adults or children with sensitive teeth to limit the feeling of discomfort.

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Orthodontic Fact #9: Some dental wires used in dental braces are activated by body heat and were developed by NASA

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