Orthodontics: Creating Perfect Smiles

Braces treatment by an orthodontist

Smile Quote No. 34: “Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening.”- Greta Garbo

You remember when your little ones were born and their first teeth grew. Since then, you have diligently attended to their dental care, but some situations are beyond your control. Teeth that grow in a crooked fashion or point outwards instead of in are only two of the troubles that could manifest as little ones age and shed their baby teeth. Setting up an appointment with a specialist in orthodontics will answer your child's question of, "Do I need braces?"

Orthodontists are specialty dentists who generally focus on braces, retainers and other restorative treatments. By making a mold of your children's teeth and taking x-rays, the exact problem can be determined. You can also work with the orthodontist early to devise a course of action for after all of the baby teeth have fallen out as braces cannot be placed in the mouth before then. An orthodontist is not only there for the braces phase of the process.

To ensure that these braces do the job, the orthodontist will likely have follow-up appointments with your child once the braces have been removed. During these appointments, youngsters are often fitted for a retainer to ensure that their teeth do not return to their once crooked placements. Furthermore, the orthodontist can work to ensure that no other problems manifest with the mouth. In conjunction with the regular dentist, kids can be off to a lifetime of proper dental hygiene.

Braces are not just for children, however. You might be suffering from a lack of proper dental care in your youth and find that your own teeth are a bit awry as well. Sitting down with the orthodontist to express your concerns is a smart idea, and you can explore options for braces that are more adult-friendly. For that matter you might consider contacting Beecroft Orthodontics for all braces related queries.

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Orthodontics: Creating Perfect Smiles

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