Smile: Your Personal Social Network


Smile Quote No. 21: A Smile is a Light in the Window of Your Face that Lets People Know You're at Home

A smile is an expression of how you feel at any point in time when you react to a set of circumstances. If you are in a crowd or at work with colleagues they will know you are really part of their group if you respond to other people’s words. Listening but trying not to smile because you have noticeable gaps between your teeth makes you stand outside the group. When something humorous is said and you are afraid to react, then your group contact is lost.

There is no need to suffer in this way, especially if you have gaps between your teeth which stop you smiling, as Beecroft Orthodontics will have a solution for that affliction.

The two commonest problems as a result of unnecessary spaces between your teeth are the front teeth becoming loose and the loss of confidence with smiling. The gaps look dark in appearance and the onlooker may think you have some of your teeth missing. Apart from smile improvement other good reasons for closing the gaps is protecting the gums’ health.  If there are gaps between your teeth then food can damage gums and teeth, especially hard food. The more food that gets jammed, the greater likelihood that teeth are likely to be forced apart even further and even become loose.

Beecroft Orthodontics can choose a treatment option for you which could involve the wearing of braces which gently moves the teeth to fill the gaps. In some cases Invisalign teeth aligners can be used too. It can take only 6 months for braces to bring the teeth closer together. In no time at all you will be able to smile when you want to and when other people want you to.

If you have spaces in your teeth you shouldn’t delay but arrange a consultation with Beecroft Orthodontics who will have a treatment option available for you.

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Smile: Your Personal Social Network

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