Because of Your Smile, You Make Life More Beautiful – Thich NhatHanh


Most people aren't born with perfectly straight teeth, making it difficult to feel confident about their smile. Orthodontics are specifically designed to create the beautiful smile you've always dreamed of. When you have teeth you can feel proud to show off, you'll have a reason to smile.

Why Orthodontics?

The field of orthodontics is different from regular dentistry. Orthodontic work not only improves crowding and crooked teeth, but it helps to eliminate over and under bite issues as well as jaw alignment problems.

Procedures Available with Orthodontics

Your first trip to the orthodontist will involve a thorough consultation, examination and set of x-rays. This will give the specialist an idea of what procedures will work the best for you. While brace placement is the most common orthodontic procedure, there are many other appliances that you might benefit from. Palette spreaders, night guards and retainers are just a few of the appliances found in orthodontic offices.

Benefits of Getting Work Done

When you make the decision to go to the orthodontist, you'll have a smile for life. Here are just some of the benefits that come from having professional work done on your teeth:

  • Feel a sense of confidence in your smile and boost self-esteem.
  • Eliminate over and under bite issues.
  • Improve speech that was problematic due to overcrowding.
  • Straighten teeth to create a flawless smile.
  • Improve your facial structure.

Visit Your Local Orthodontist

Beecroft Orthodontics offers complimentary consultations to their patients. They work with people of all ages, providing only the best orthodontic care their patients can find. They are the leading orthodontic professionals in Fredericksburg, North Stafford and King George. You can contact their offices individually at:

Fredericksburg Leavells: 540-898-2200 North Stafford: 540-659-6300 King George: 540-775-2022

Beecroft Orthodontics

239 Garrisonville Rd. Suite #101 Stafford,Virginia

Phone: 540-659-6300

Because of Your Smile, You Make Life More Beautiful – Thich NhatHanh

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