A Smile Is A Weapon

sweet smile

Smile Quote #3: “There Is No Weapon In the Feminine Armory to Which Men Are As Vulnerable as They Are to A Smile.” - Dorothy Dix

Have you ever heard the quote: “There is no weapon in the feminine armory to which men are as vulnerable as they are to a smile”? Dorothy Dix did a great job describing how powerful a smile can be to a man’s heart. Most of the girls are preoccupied trying to perfect their make up in front of the man they love. However, those girls might be missing the most important ingredient in getting noticed by their prince charming – their warm smiles.

No matter how much make up you put on or how much effort you put in your fashion style, wearing the warmest smile is still the best way to a man’s heart. Aside from the fact that it’s natural and simple, it can also lift one’s heart including those surrounding you. Bringing joy to everyone is just as easy as wearing your best smile. You won’t even need to look at the mirror to do so.

You can visit our Before and After page to see the difference that braces can bring to your smile. Call Beecroft Orthodontics  today to schedule your free consultation.

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A Smile Is A Weapon

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