Smiles: Share them to Show you Care

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Smile Quote No. 32: Today, Give a Stranger One of Your Smiles, It Might Be the Only Sunshine He Sees All Day!

Humans have a very wide expanse of emotions and facial expressions, and interactions with other people can cause a chain reaction of moods. While we may know what is happening in the lives of our family members and friends, it is very hard to know the circumstances surrounding strangers that we pass by. Why not share a smile and share some contagious happiness? It just might be what turns the tide or gives a bright spot or much needed lift to someone. Read on for some additional information about benefits of sharing a smile.

Increase Your Own Happiness:

It is a no brainer that happy people smile, but it is important to note that when unhappy people smile, they often feel happier. Go ahead and up your happiness factor by smiling whether you feel like it or not. Simply smiling may lead to also laughing, which certainly is a health booster.

Spread Goodness and Happiness To Those Around You:

Smiling simply makes you feel good, and when strangers receive a smile, they feel acknowledged. They feel like they matter, and they often feel more positively about the day and about their life in general.

Reasons for Not Smiling:

Sometimes people avoid smiling because they feel sad or depressed. Other times however, smiles are avoided due to embarrassment about crooked or damaged teeth. Don't let this stop you from smiling! There is a remedy for this smile stopper.

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Smiles: Share them to Show you Care

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