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Be Careful with those Tongue Piercings

Tongue piercings linked to gap between teeth

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Tongue piercing is a very popular trend among teens and young adults. Although the seemingly harmless trend is fashionable, there can be lasting consequences for the teeth. A recent study issued by the New York University of Buffalo shows that tongue piercings can be particularly dangerous for one’s teeth.

A closer look at the tongue ring:

In a recent case study, a woman who had a tongue ring for seven years ended up developing a considerable gap in her front teeth. Before getting the tongue ring, she never had a gap in her teeth. After getting, the gap slowly began to develop. Within seven years of wearing a tongue ring, she developed a very prominent gap in her teeth. Playing with the tongue ring and pushing it back and forth between the two front teeth caused this. The constant force eventually led to a gap forming between the front two teeth. Scenarios like these can cause a person to have to get braces.

How was the gap eliminated

According to the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, the woman involved in the case study was successfully treated with braces. The braces gradually closed the gap between her front teeth caused by pushing the tongue ring against the front teeth.

Dangers of tongue rings

Tongue rings have been linked to several conditions. One of the most important considerations is the risk for getting an infection in getting a tongue ring. Difficulties with speech can also occur. Respiratory problems and normal breathing are commonly reported among those with tongue piercings. Broken and chipped teeth in addition to gaps are some of the cosmetic effects of tongue piercings long term. Other dental considerations include receding gums, periodontitis and possible nerve damage. In rare cases, tooth loss is possible. Gum trauma and hemorrhage are additional potential hazards of having a tongue ring. Brain abscesses developed from bacteria and fungi entering the brain can cause these to form, creating a mass.

Preventing gaps

Gaps from tongue piercings are easily prevented. One of the most common recommendations by Beecroft Orthodontics, the specialist in King George is getting the piercing removed. Getting the piercings removed earlier on is the best course of action to take in preventing extensive damage like receding gums and chipped teeth.

Braces to treat gaps

Beecroft Orthodontics, one of the best orthodontist specialists in Fredericksburg, VA, state that different types of braces can be used to correct dental gap problems. Invisalign teen Fredericksburg VA consultants recommend getting a free consultation to determine whether or not this is a good option for one experiencing these very problems.

Visiting Beecroft Orthodontics King George office can help people get the results they desire and help remove gaps to promote proper spacing. Scheduling a consultation is the first step to addressing any spacing problem like this.

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Be Careful with those Tongue Piercings

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