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What happens to your lips when you [get braces] to fix your overbite?

You will undoubtedly be happy when you get braces to fix overbite issues. Braces are some of the most effective solutions to such problems. However, you may be wondering what happens to your lips when you fix your overbite with braces. That's a good question. You are going to have some adjusting to do once the orthodontist is done putting the braces on your teeth. You will also have to accommodate the space that the braces take up in your mouth. The following is some information about your lips and some things that you can do to make yourself comfortable with your treatment.  

The Way Braces Affect the Lips 

Braces do have an effect on your lips, and it will seem like it's massive at first. After a time, you will not even notice that your braces are in because your mouth will adjust to them. The adjustment period may take longer if you have a small mouth and a crowding issue. The reward that you will get at the end of your journey will be well worth any inconveniences that you may have.  

The braces will affect your lips from an interior and exterior aspect. You will suddenly have sturdy material in your mouth when there used to be nothing there but your gums and teeth. The areas that feel the discomfort the most are the cheeks and the areas right behind the bottom and upper lips. Additionally, the outer parts of your lips will go through a tad bit of stretching during the adjustment period. All this has to go on so that your body can compensate for its new oral cavity inhabitant. 

Common Lip Problems after Braces 

If you do experience some discomfort with your braces in relation to your lips, you're not the only one. In fact, many people have the same issue. Here's what happens to lips when getting braces to fix an overbite. The following are some of the most common issues with the lips that people have reported after they've had braces installed: 


Lip swelling is something that happens in most of the patients. It's the most common problem with new braces. The initial swelling usually lasts only a few days, but your mouth should fully adjust to the braces within two or three weeks. 

Dry Lips 

Dry lips are another common complaint from people who have braces. Such people get chapped lips for a variety of reasons, but the top reason is the slight stretching the braces do to the lips. The condition can get particularly uncomfortable for people who constantly expose themselves to cold, dry air. They have to use the appropriate solution for that because cracked and dry lips can easily become infected. 

Mouth Sores 

Mouth sores are another major issue that arises during the course of traditional orthodontic treatment. These form because of the direct contact the brackets and wires have with the inside of the mouth. Sometimes, the sores occur because of general friction. Other times, they happen because the wires poke the skin. 


Visually, your lips may protrude a little bit because of the size of your corrective devices. If you have any swelling, it can exaggerate the extent of the protrusion. The best way to examine whether you have a protrusion is to wait a few weeks after your braces have been installed.  

Besides Straight Teeth, What are the Benefits of Braces?


Solutions for Lip Problems When You Have Braces 

Just as there are a number of issues that arise from braces, there are many solutions to those issues. Here are some of the things that you can do to combat any issue that you may be having with your braces. 

Orthodontic Wax 

An orthodontic wax is a special solution that you can use if your braces are painful because the brackets or wires are poking you. You would remedy that by putting some of the wax over the area that's hurting. Many people have found success in that method.  


Orajel is a solution that has a numbing agent in it. You can alleviate your pain by rubbing some of it onto your fingertips and then rubbing it across the area that hurts. It will numb the area for a little while.  

Different Braces 

You can minimize the pain from braces by listening to your orthodontist's aftercare instructions. They will include a vast assortment of helpful information that you need. You could also try to minimize the pain by having the orthodontist install an alternative. Lingual braces, for example, go to the back of your teeth. Therefore, you may not have to deal with the same issue you have to deal with the traditional braces. An above-average orthodontist will let you know what your alternatives are and will be well equipped to install them for you, as well.  


Chapstick is one of the most trusted brands of lip balm. You can apply that to your lips freely if you would like to eliminate dry and chapped lips. You don't have to use Chapstick, however. You could use a different brand if you like.  


Ibuprofen is one of those medications that works for just about every type of irritation. It's an anti-inflammatory item, so it fits perfectly with sore, swollen, lacerated or chapped lips. Consult your orthodontist before using Ibuprofen.  

Contact Your Orthodontist to Fix Your Overbite with Braces 

If you are ready to get some braces for your teeth, you can contact your orthodontist and schedule your first session or your consultation. During the consultation, you will discuss the extent of your overbite, the strategy for the braces, and some tips for taking care of your braces. You can ask for some information about what happens to your lips when you get braces to fix an overbite. Contact Beecroft Orthodontics now.  

What happens to your lips when you get braces to fix your overbite?


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