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Can a Wisdom Tooth Cause Deafness or Blindness when Extracted?

Photo credit: amanda dias / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND The pain that you feel in your head, back, shoulders, and jaw may occur because of problems with your wisdom teeth. Also called the third molars, they sit at the end of each row of teeth and usually come in during the teenage years. As you have limited space in your mouth, those teeth can come in at an angle or become impacted, which will cause pain and inflammation. Even if you never had any problems when those teeth come in, you may suffer from problems later that requires the removal of those teeth. Many wonder about the potential side effects and if wisdom teeth extraction can cause deafness or blindness.

What is Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction essentially refers to the process in which an orthodontist removes the tooth. You may find that the orthodontist needs to take out all four teeth at the same time, only the two on the bottom or top or just a single tooth, but most people opt for the removal of all four teeth. The orthodontist will give you a series of injections that numbs the gums and other areas surrounding the tooth, and some orthodontists will give you an injection that puts you to sleep during the procedure. Your orthodontist will then carefully extract the tooth from your mouth and use gauze to reduce bleeding.


What if the Teeth Haven't Come in Yet?

Some patients find themselves suffering from swelling and pain even before the teeth come in and break through the gums. This often occurs in teenagers, but it can also affect older patients. This also occurs in those who have smaller mouths that lack enough space for those teeth. An orthodontist can remove those teeth, but the process generally takes a little longer. A small incision placed in the gum gives the orthodontist access to the tooth, and he or she can use specialized tools to extract the tooth from your mouth.

Is Deafness or Blindness Common?

The odds of you developing blindness or deafness because of a wisdom tooth extraction are extremely rare. Though all the nerves in the human body are connected, most orthodontists believe that problems with a wisdom tooth should not cause problems with hearing or vision. An impacted tooth or a broken tooth can put more pressure on the head and cause headaches and muscle pains, but you generally won't notice any other side effects. A good orthodontist will talk with you about the risk factors associated with wisdom tooth extraction and what you can do to keep yourself healthy.

Need More Help from an Orthodontist?

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Can a Wisdom Tooth Cause Deafness or Blindness when Extracted?

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