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Teeth Whitening With Baking Soda

WW6-BeecroftWords of Wisdom No.6 - Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week

Over time, teeth pick up a lot of stains. This is due to the food and drinks consumed. Stained and discolored teeth are certainly very unattractive and detract the individuals' confidence. They look to cure the problem with teeth whitening or teeth whitening products. Stafford Orthodontists are based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and they recommend teeth whitening with baking soda as a purely natural whitening alternative to remove stains like tea, coffee, wine and other discolorations.

Why You Should Use Baking Soda Once A Week to Brush Teeth

The fact is that baking soda is a purely natural and safe way to whiten the teeth. Baking soda is also known as sodium bicarbonate. It is easily found in local grocery stores or supermarkets. Baking soda will give the teeth a natural shine that is hard to miss. The baking soda also makes teeth appear whiter. Teeth whitening kits are very expensive. However, baking soda does a very good job at removing teeth discoloration for much less, and the product is very affordable. Furthermore, one average size box might last for a year. These are certainly all good reasons to consider brushing with baking soda once a week.

How to Properly Brush with Baking Soda

Teeth whitening with baking soda is easier than you might think. However, Stafford Orthodontist suggests only performing this task once a week. More might lead to damaging the enamel on the teeth.

  • Wet your toothbrush and dip the toothbrush into baking soda.
  • Make sure that all the bristles are covered with the baking soda.
  • Brush about 2 minutes.
  • Rinse your mouth with water.

Those that are bothered with discolored or stained teeth should follow the teeth whitening with baking soda instructions here to restore their teeth to a beautiful smile. Contact Beecroft Orthodontics for more information on whitening options available.

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Teeth Whitening With Baking Soda

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