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Smiling can Lighten the Burden on your Pocket


Smile Quote No. 22: A Smile is the Best Make up a Girl can Wear

If you are tired of choosing specific makeup so that your friends, relatives and work colleagues can’t focus on the shape of your teeth, then this is the time to correct the problem. If your upper front teeth are covering the lower front teeth far too much, you may have what is called deep bite. Of course you are likely to be self-conscious about this but this can be all changed by discussing treatment options at Beecroft Orthodontics whose experienced team knows how to build your self-confidence which will improve that smile. The correction of deep bite misalignment not only ensures that your teeth function better but you will be able to clean your teeth more effectively too

Improving deep bite often needs an approach which involves both orthodontic and dental techniques. Up to date orthodontic treatment can correct an incorrectly aligned bite by the intrusion of your front teeth and / or erupting your back teeth.

In cases of deep bite it is not uncommon to discover that the rear upper teeth together with the lower front teeth are very worn and treatment often necessitates restoring your teeth with cosmetic dentistry techniques such as composite bonding, crowns or porcelain veneers combined with the use of what is called a ‘Dahl’ appliance which is a kind of orthodontic appliance which can be removed.

If you have missing back teeth then your deep bite could be worse and in order to improve the condition any missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants combined with bridgework so that the deep bite can be corrected. The best treatment will be dependent on the profile of the deep bite in relation to your face. Beecroft Orthodontics will only recommend the least invasive treatment option so that you never need make up again, but only your smile.

If you or a member of your family thinks that you have a problem with deep bite and you live in Stafford, VA then call Beecroft Orthodontics to arrange a consultation. You will never look back when that smile returns.

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Smiling can Lighten the Burden on your Pocket

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