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Can A Cavity Be Reversed Naturally?

Photo credit: Army Medicine / Foter / CC BY Dental care is one of the most important factors of overall health because gum and tooth decay contribute to other bodily ailments. One major dental issue involves cavities caused by starches and sugars eating the protective tooth enamel away. A complete cavity cannot be reversed naturally because it exposes the gum with little minerals left in the tooth itself. However, there are a number of preventive measures you can take to stop early decay from becoming a complete cavity.


• Fluoride Treatments

If your teeth show early signs of decay, fluoride treatment is a viable option to fight off permanent cavities. Whether it's through gels or fluoride-treated water, this substance helps the teeth create minerals for their own healing processes. The enamel isn't completely broken at this point, allowing fluoride to encourage natural bodily healing. However, neglected teeth cannot be repaired naturally when cavities have set in. Regardless if you visit a dentist or the best orthodontist in King George, you'll still require a filling.

• Miracle Gel

Scientists are currently looking at melanocyte-stimulating peptides to cure cavities without the traditional filling. Although this treatment is a long way off from being accepted at the local dentist's office, this gel shows promising results. Patients would be free to avoid the drill and painful filling if nature would take its course. However, it's much better to prevent cavities in the first place than to fix them in severe stages.

• Sealant Help

A smart preventive step against cavities is using sealants. Ask your dentist about sealants applied mainly to the molars. Cavities often start in these areas because they're the site of food grinding. Particles become stuck there and encourage cavities. Sealants create a protective barrier against harmful acids and stuck food particles. Their use doesn't mean patients should miss any brushing or flossing. The sealants are mainly there as a secondary protective measure, requiring basic hygiene to stay healthy.

• Scaling and Polishing

Visiting your dentist regularly allows you to avoid cavities altogether with professional cleaning. Scaling is the process of vibrating plaque and tartar off the teeth to stop further decay. These substances directly influence cavity creation. Polishing processes aren't just a glossy finish, but actually exfoliate the teeth to remove any other debris or films. When dentists and hygienists employ both these procedures, you'll see a brilliant white smile for many months ahead.

• Saliva's Influence

Saliva is a powerful force inside the mouth. Along with its obvious use in digestive processes, this liquid maintains the acidity and alkalinity in the mouth. As you go about your day, saliva keeps bacteria from forming and eating away your teeth. If you drink or eat a lot of sugary food, however, this balance is interrupted. Allow your saliva to work its magic by not eating right before bedtime and avoiding a lot of sugary foods. Cavities are no match for a healthy mouth.

Whether you need invisible braces or lingual braces in Fredericksburg, contact Beecroft Orthodontics for all your dental needs. While your dentist takes care of those cavities, Beecroft helps your smile by straightening teeth and correcting improper bites for a gorgeous appearance each day.

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Can A Cavity Be Reversed Naturally? 

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