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Smile Quote No. 30: If you don't Have a Smile, I'll Give you One of Mine

We are all born to smile, as it is a way we express our feelings towards people and events but sometimes appearance may try to stop us from showing our teeth and broadening our smile. It is very difficult to smile without showing your teeth.

There are simple problems that a dentist can solve, such as discolored, broken or chipped teeth as there are many restorative procedures available, but teeth that protrude are not so easy to solve and require the specialist attention of an orthodontist such as the orthodontist team at Beecroft Orthodontics in Fredericksburg VA.

Dr. Matt Beecroft will recommend the use of braces to treat protruding teeth as this requires moving the teeth back into the right position through gentle force. It is a longer term solution and will give you more peace of mind that your new facial appearance has been created naturally. It does take time but if you are not worried too much about your facial appearance when being treated then there are a number of different braces to choose from. Traditional metal braces do a great job at effectively repositioning the teeth even though they do spoil the smile for the treatment period. Lingual braces can be chosen if appearance is an issue as they are placed behind the teeth out of sight. If the protruding teeth is unsightly but only minor then Dr. Beecroft may suggest Invisalign teeth aligners as they are virtually invisible but do offer an effective treatment for mild to moderate protruding teeth.

If you or one of your family lives in Fredericksburg VA and has protruding teeth or any other form of tooth deformity that affects your bite or appearance you should arrange an appointment with Beecroft Orthodontics who will discuss what treatment options are available to you so that you have ownership of a beautiful smile.

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Openly Share your Smile

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