Three Reasons Your Orthodontic Braces Are Still On

GIF courtesy of When planning to use braces, you would only need two days: when you get your braces put on and when you have them taken off. The duration between these two days will feel like forever however it will pass by very quickly.

Your orthodontist in Fredericksburg can only give you a general estimate of how long will it take to wear your braces. There are three major factors that can influence how quickly your mouth responds to orthodontic treatment. It means that you may need to have them on longer than what your orthodontist originally expected.

Understanding the reasons why your orthodontic braces are still on will help you worry less about your treatment. It will also help ensure that you can influence any factors that you have control over as the patient.

1. Your Orthodontist's Plan

Your orthodontist will do their best in examining your jaw, the condition of your teeth, and your overall health to gather as much data as possible to determine an accurate diagnosis of your mouth. Their experience with other patients whom have been recommended by the orthodontists will make it easier to form an accurate diagnosis of how the mouth will respond to treatment.

All the information your orthodontist will collect will be used in evaluating your condition and selecting the best method of treatment to realign your teeth and jaw.

Depending upon your orthodontist's plan, you may need to wear your braces longer to obtain the kind of quality realignment that will benefit you for a longer period of time with fewer complications.

Your treatment plan may also be lengthened due to any of the following:

  • Problems encountered by your orthodontist during the examination;
  • Problems that needed to be corrected after a treatment plan was started;
  • Changes in the treatment plan to more accurately treat your unique situation as a patient; and
  • Appointments that were spaced too far apart due to rescheduling conflicts.

If in case the dental problem will take longer than 6 to 12 months to correct, then your orthodontist will inform you of this possibility before starting the treatment. The insights your experienced orthodontist will provide is valuable in avoiding easily missed problems.

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2. Your Ability To Stick To Treatment

You are the second major factor on how long your treatment takes. You have a significant amount of control over factors that influence how closely you adhere to your orthodontist's treatment plan, which is why you can also be a reason if your braces may need to be on far longer than originally planned.

For example, it's possible that you have yet to have your wisdom teeth emerged in your mouth or that you have had a second set of wisdom teeth grow. They may be impacted and failing to extract them in a timely manner will result in your teeth being moved about. This can significantly delay your orthodontic treatment and lengthen how long you need to have braces. This is why it's important to take care of things like this in as timely of a manner as possible.

Meeting with your orthodontist regularly is the first step in avoiding these kinds of issues while ensuring that your treatment stays on schedule. That's why it's important not to miss appointments as possible. If you need to reschedule, try to do so in advance to ensure that you can have a new appointment scheduled as close to the old one as possible.

Here is a brief list of the things you can do to keep your treatment plan on schedule:

  • Adhere to your appointment dates and times as closely as possible;
  • Reschedule while your orthodontist still has appointment time near your former appointment time;
  • Be on-time to your appointments to ensure that your orthodontist and any technicians have enough time to treat you;
  • Complete any necessary procedures, such as extractions or restorations, in as timely as possible to avoid complications; and
  • Follow your orthodontist's instructions for oral hygiene, rubber bands, and aligners to the letter.

By following these things, you can ensure that you will wear your braces for less time and the final results of your treatment of the highest quality.

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3. Your Body's Biological Response

The last factor influencing how long you'll have your braces is your body's biological response. This is one of the few things that you have no influence over and your orthodontist may not be able to entirely anticipate no matter his level of experience.

Your orthodontist can only approximate your treatment time based on the average time it takes other patients to respond to the same treatment. Sometimes, it's impossible to accurately determine how well your body will respond because of the dental problem complexity and how your teeth respond to orthodontic forces.

For example, conditions like TMJ problems caused by arthritis can significantly slow the orthodontic treatment. Other conditions like ankylosis will keep some teeth in your mouth from moving and could be a reason to extend the duration of your braces.

How your body cooperates with the orthodontic treatment will is a vital factor in fixing your teeth. The only thing you can do is to be as vigilant as possible while your orthodontist does likewise with your treatment.

Reducing How Long You Will Need Braces

As discussed above, there are factors that cannot be controlled while under orthodontic treatment. Even if you do everything your orthodontist says, there still may be delays that require you to use braces for a longer period than originally expected.

To reduce how long you need to have your braces applied, the best thing you can do is to follow your treatment plan and to work with an experienced orthodontist.

One way you can do this is by scheduling an appointment with Beecroft Orthodontics. They provide Fredericksburg orthodontics services, of the highest quality, for busy mothers, children, and other adults. Their comprehensive methods will ensure that you get the best treatment in as timely as possible.

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Three Reasons Your Orthodontic Braces Are Still On

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