Traumatic Injuries as a Result of Braces

Traumatic Injuries of Head and Neck with Orthodontic Braces

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It is quite possible for you to sustain head and neck injuries when you are undergoing an orthodontic treatment. Though you will be as careful, there are chances of you getting hit in the mouth, or sustaining injuries to your face. Orthodontic braces may make your teeth, the gums and bones supporting it and the surrounding soft tissues more vulnerable to damage. If you have sustained any sort of injury, each of these aspects will have to be evaluated by the best orthodontist around.

Possible Damage you may Sustain

Once you begin orthodontic treatment, you will go about your life as normal. However, it is possible that you sustain some injuries. Take a look at some of the possible injuries and the implications:

Damage to teeth: If you have been hurt in the mouth, your orthodontist will check for any visible or hidden damage to the crown. The most common results are a chipped tooth or broken enamel. The tooth may also be fractured. Depending on the extent of this, you may experience sensitivity to hot or cold food or beverages.

Damaged teeth may be fixed with bonding, veneers or even a complete crown. This will depend on the extent of the damage. If the fracture of the tooth has gone down to the bone, then it may be removed and given time to heal.

Change in position: Trauma to the head or the face may result in the change of position of your teeth. This may happen if the bone surrounding your teeth is damaged in any way. You must know that bone is generally weaker than the teeth and tends to give way first.

If your teeth have shifted position, you will have to visit an oral surgeon who will evaluate your teeth first. You will then be given a mouth-numbing agent and will have your teeth brought back into position. The bone around your teeth will also be set back in place. Any broken or damaged braces will be removed and the trauma dealt with first. They will then be repositioned by your orthodontist to continue with your treatment.

Injury to your lips and your cheeks: This is a common result of wearing braces. While the teeth themselves are well protected because of the braces, the soft tissues in your mouth are not. It often gets badly cut and scratched in the event of an accident. You will feel discomfort for a while, but will have to bear with it in order for it to heal.

The use of a cold pack is a good idea. This will decrease the inflammation in the first two days. Because of the large number of vessels in the mouth, you may be shocked when you see the amount of blood that comes out. Do not let this alarm you. The large number of vessels in the mouth, actually help in speeding up the healing process as well.

You may not be able to protect yourself from damage at all times, but our professionals who practice at Beecroft Orthodontics say that using customized mouth-guards will make a huge difference. For further queries contact us today.

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Traumatic Injuries as a Result of Braces

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