When Do I Get My Braces Off?

gif courtesy of giphy.com The timing for the removal of braces happens to be one of the most common concerns for patients. Despite that fact that the treatment varies from one patient to another, there are a number of steps for the treatment that happen to be common for most of the patients. If you happen to have braces, then this is especially important for you. Patients undergoing an orthodontic treatment in Stafford can use the helpful insights below to understand their conditions better.

Generally, there are three distinct stages of treatment that every patient has to undergo. However, the order to these stages may be switched based on the specific treatment that the patient is receiving. Further to this, the stages may be overlapping in some of the cases. Nevertheless, the stages for taking of the braces include:

  • Finding the best treatment to resolve the crowding of teeth.
  • Aligning the teeth in a manner that will correct the problem and prevent future complications from taking place.
  • Finding a correction for the bite once the braces have been taken off.

How to Get Affordable Braces in Stafford?




Overview of the Stages

In the first phase, the crowded teeth will be corrected either by having an expansion of the arches or removing one or more teeth. This will be based on a case by case analysis and will depend on the best option for each patient. It is worth noting that the alignment of teeth will not be achieved in the absence of enough room to facilitate this. The decision to have an expansion of irreversible extraction of the teeth will be based on a number of factors and this includes:

  • The size of both the teeth and the jaws.
  • The gum and jaw tissue that is available to support the teeth. For every individual, every tooth should have enough space to grow in a safe and healthy manner.
  • The desired profile. This takes into account the shape of the face and the appearance once the treatment has been completed.

Once adequate room has been created for proper alignment of the teeth, then the treatment process begins. In the event that there is an extra room that is unnecessary, then such space has to be closed. The alignment and straightening of the teeth is the main aim of the treatment process. This is made possible through the use of specialized gadgets that include wires, springs, elastic chains and axels. This is done by rotating, tipping and finally torqueing the teeth in the position that is desired.

Further to the above, teeth that are not in their correct positions are correctly positioned. It is worth noting that while some of the brackets cannot be placed on the right places on the first day due to the bite, the shape and structure of the teeth and its alignment, the brackets can be positioned after a partial aligning has been achieved. The aligners will generally be adjusted from time to time and this is based on the progress that is made over the treatment period. Further to this, the aligners differ in size and shape and this is because the process will be better as time progresses over the course of the treatment.

The third and final stage of the treatment process is the most important and involves fitting the upper teeth into the lower ones. This has to be achieved from all the three sides. This includes from the front to the back, from the side to the side and from the top to the bottom respectively. This is particularly important as any misalignment will lead to future complications. After this has been accomplished, then your orthodontist can now begin to consider taking off the braces.

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Guidelines for Removing Braces

In order to be completely certain that this is the right time to have the braces taken off; the following guidelines should be considered:

  • The teeth should be straight. The alignment process is already done by then and the teeth should therefore be in a straight position.
  • The spaces that were previously between the teeth should now be completely closed.
  • The upper front teeth and the lower front teeth should have an approximate overlap. There should be no visible space between the teeth layers.
  • The overbite and the under bite should be well corrected. The movement that is further accompanied by this should be easy with no complications.
  • The outer cusps of both the upper and the lower teeth should lie on each other in a curving alignment. This should be seamless and in case of any pain, such should be addressed first before removing the braces.


Once the above has been found to be consistent, then the braces are ready to be taken off. The treatment provided by the staff at Stafford braces ensure that the timing is perfect for you to have the perfect smile at all times. Only the orthodontist can properly remove your braces so do not try doing it by yourself at home.

Braces for adults Stafford provides have different options to ensure that the corrections that have been done are healthy and safe.

Need More Information?

In case you need further information on when braces should be removed, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer professional and competent services with the primary objective of ensuring that all your needs will be met in a timely and convenient manner! Find us at our website.

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When Do I Get My Braces Off?


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