It is the eye of ignorance that assigns a fixed and unchangeable color to every object - Paul Gauguin

Enter the colorful world of orthodontics! Famous artist Paul Gauguin (7 June 1848 – 8 May 1903) believed that color should be interchangeable, and so do we. That’s why at your local Fredericksburg Orthodontist, we invite you and your child to become artists and experience the excitement of using our braces color chooser. It allows you and your child to experience orthodontic braces as a joyful and creative process.

Our braces band colors chooser can help turn braces into a fun and colorful adventure. Each time your child visits us for her or his regular visit, they can change their look with a new splash of color by switching their elastic bands.

Braces Color Chooser - Fredericksburg Orthodontics

It's personal

We can help make your child’s experience with braces as fun and exciting as possible with our band color chooser. It contains 24 beautiful shades of color and neutrals that your child can select to transform his or her or his elastic brace bands into an exciting personal statement.

Go team go!

One of the best things about colored bands for braces is that it uses digital imaging and a computer program to automatically fit the desired color sequence into place inside your child’s mouth. Braces are now status symbols that allow kids to display brightly colored bands for braces that announce their favorite teams, celebrate approaching holidays or show off the hottest fashion shades.

Color pops for braces

At your Fredericksburg orthodontists, Beecroft Orthodontics, our braces' band color chooser turns every kid into an artist and every smile into a masterpiece. Wearing braces used to be dull and ordinary, but now kids can choose from an entire rainbow of elastics to enhance their teeth and get that trendy “color pop” look everyone wants.

How To Choose The Colors On Your Braces

More than just another visit to the orthodontist

Kids can try out as many color combinations as they like on our band color chooser below prior to their regular office visit. Color combinations can vary between upper and lower teeth, remain uniform for impact, or you can select a different band color for each individual tooth. With the band color chooser, scheduled visits become opportunities for self-expression rather than just another visit to the orthodontist.

Kids love the way they can express their individuality with colored elastic bands. It’s also nice to know that when the occasion calls for it, they can minimize the look of braces with a neutral tooth-colored band, as well.

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Braces Color Chooser