AcceldentAura Is The Latest Orthodontic Advancement

A relatively new technology is taking the world of orthodontics by storm. Over the last couple years, a small device known as Acceldent Aura has amazed orthodontists and patients alike.

What Is Acceledent?

This product is a palm-sized, battery-operated apparatus created to help straighten the teeth of orthodontic patients. Designed by OrthoAccel Technologies, the device is comprised of an activator, a mouthpiece and a USB charger, which can be plugged into a computer or electrical wall outlet.

How Does It Work?

One would simply attach the charged activator to the mouthpiece and place the mouthpiece inside their mouth where it will comfortably fit over already existing orthodontic work like braces, retainers or alignment trays. The device then releases tiny vibrations known as micropulses that gradually guide teeth to move in specific directions. This process is repeated daily for twenty minutes for the duration of treatment. The device comes equipped with a travel case which would enable a user to employ it away from home.

Why Get It?

Orthodontists from across the United States, as well as their patients have sung the product's praises. Orthodontists say this technology:

  • Offers a non-surgical approach to straightening teeth. Encourages their patients to be more focused on treatment Can be used on all types of patients, regardless of the orthodontic issue

Patients have also offered quite favorable responses. They are saying:

  • They experience less discomfort and soreness

  • Find their overall treatment time is cut in half. Studies conducted have concluded treatment time is actually reduced, on average, from twenty-four months (two years) to twelve months (one year)

  • They report a better smile and overall appearance of their teeth when treatment is completed

  • Find the device easy to use

It Is Rapidly Gaining Popularity And Attention

The technology has been featured in print articles, as well as on local newscasts throughout the United States and Canada. In addition, it even garnered national media coverage during a segment on CNN when the device was named among the Best Products at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.

How To Get It?

Acceledent is available by prescription only and must be recommended by an orthodontist. Those who feel they might be candidates for the product should consult with their orthodontist. Should they not currently utilize the services of an orthodontist, or to find one who employs Acceledent, they can visit where a thorough search can be conducted for professionals working close to where they reside.

One orthodontist who offers this revolutionary treatment is Dr. Matt Beecroft, who maintains a practice in Central Virginia with three offices in Fredericksburg, North Stafford and King George. Dr. Beecroft's Fredericksburg office can be contacted at (540)-898-2200. The North Stafford office can be reached by calling (540)-659-6300. The King George office can be reached at (540)-775-2022.

Acceledent Aura