WildSmiles - braces that rock!


Upon telling your children that they will need to wear braces, or even that they have to go to the orthodontist for a consultation, you most likely were met with more resistance than you ever could have imagined. The thought of wearing brackets and wires may seem horrifying to your children even though you recognize the prodigious benefits. Instead of making this process seem even more frightening, think about the benefits of Wildsmiles and Get Wild!

What Wildsmiles Are

If you are familiar with traditional braces, you know that they generally involve square brackets on the teeth. However, Wildsmiles takes those brackets and turns them into something fun. Instead of just wearing square brackets on their teeth, kids can enjoy a host of different shapes and objects. They can have an entirely unique look to their braces.

The Options Available

To get your kids excited about braces, or at the very least to lessen some of their hesitation, explore the different styles available with this system. They can choose to have hearts, flowers, sports balls, stars, footballs and super diamonds. Each of these categories has multiple ones from which to choose. Simply browse online to see what the options are that can help to release some of the fear that your kids have.


Who This System Is for?

Generally, children are the ones who opt to choose this system of getting braces, and the program is crafted with designs for kids in mind. Some teenagers may also want to get the braces. However, if adults are interested in a particular design, they may want to explore them, too. Still though, they need to make sure that the professional environment of their job does not preclude them from wearing such braces.

How They Work

You are likely wondering how these braces work and if they are safe to use. No real difference exists between these brackets and the square ones that have traditionally adorned the mouths of patients with brackets. These ones are just going in place of the square brackets. People who wear them still have the same experience and see the same results as individuals with traditional braces.

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Obtaining the Braces

In order to find out if these braces are the right fit for your children, you will need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Beecroft. You should let the orthodontist know that these braces are the ones in which your family is interested. On top of that, you can also ask additional questions that you have about the braces at that point so that you can have a fuller idea of what they entail. Furthermore, you can see if your children should pick out their designs at the orthodontist or if they should go to the website to print out the information.

When children have to wear braces, parents do their best to make the process as fun and appealing as possible. Choosing these types of braces is one way to do so, and you can schedule an appointment and learn more by calling Beecroft Orthodontics at 540-898-2200 today.

Wild Smiles